• [Python] Pyton_IOControl.rarNeed tools: 1. Python 2.3 or above 2. BOA Constructor Python programming interfa ...
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  • [Python] Python_Draw.rarTo install: 1. Python2. BOA Constructor how to control mouse movements and how t ...
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  • [Python] Python_Calculator.rarBOA Constructor used to open MainApp.py can manage the computer
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  • [C/C++] boa- boa-0.94.14rc21.tar, boa web server. Version 0.94. boa-0.94.14rc21.tar, bo ...
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  • [Asm] j_9583_lyOA.rarOffice automation system must be very good download can modify
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  • [C#] office.rarSource a full set of office automation, Beida Jade Bird materials, suitable for ...
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  • [C++ Builder] oa.rarOA management program code, I hope everyone like it, along with co-owner
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  • [Java] 144_workflow.rar114 kinds of workflow in detail------------- 114 working flow detail
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  • [Others] ISO9000ISO16949QS9000.rarOffice related to the management of knowledge, the need for a foundation. We cou ...
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  • [SQL] hotop100OA1.1.rarA three-tier open an office automation system, you can set various permissions t ...
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  • [C/C++] BOOTLOADER.rarwindows wm5 the bootloader code
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  • [PHP] OA28yuanma.rarOA28 accessible part of the procedure source
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  • [Unix_Linux] AT91RM9200-Loader.rarThis is a cross-development board to support the Howard board source code, I hop ...
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  • [C/C++] MON.rarA very good bootloader, it is different from u-boot, because it is very clear st ...
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  • [PHP] 0814jeoav1.3.rarjeoa Jie Yi OA Office Automation System v1.3, after a very good practical use of ...
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