• [Java] javaoa.rarPrepared to use java a powerful OA system is very useful for learning have progr ...
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  • [ASP/ASPX] OA20040805.rarOa full-featured system, the use of defined workflow processes, including docume ...
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  • [Visual Basic] OA.rarAn OA Office Automation Management System, including the definition of workflow
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  • [ASP/ASPX] OAxitong.rarGood network office network system (hereinafter referred to as OA) is a based on ...
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  • [Visual Basic] QiyerenshiCode.rarVB development of a personnel management system, using Access database, the pers ...
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  • [TEXT] Sourcecode003ma0f93mfe.rarthis is my best upload for this site
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  • [Java] demo_ssh_oa.rarssh做的oa,适合初学者用
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  • [Java] oaframe.zipSaas-oa reference to a writing system oa framework, oa system suited to the deve ...
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  • [Others] ElectronicSignatureTechnologyInTheOA.rarOA system in the introduction of the electronic signature technology to ensure t ...
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  • [ASP/ASPX] OA.raroa office
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  • [ASP/ASPX] oa.raroa
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  • [Java] oa.raroa business system, information sent, membership management functions, the user ...
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  • [Java] pxzx.rarTraining center for office automation systems in the financial management module ...
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  • [Java] offic.rarnewton
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  • [Java] SCA_Web_V100_Pegasus.rarBinding norms SCA_Web services, SOA specification of the SCA
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