• VBVB.NET2005.rarVB.net2005 full source code guide
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  • Others3DText_silverlight.zThis is a very SILVERLIGHT program, combined with 3D engine, and treat every one ...
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  • Othersgame.rarUsed. Net game to do. . Picture, the code in the.
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  • OthersAsyncServiceAgent123c# asynchronous network programming source code source code useful, please! Than ...
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  • OthersDOT_NET_.rarFAQ on .Net technology. Study this to clear your interview!
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  • Otherspayroll.net.zipThis application accommodates departmental and job code payrolls. This applicat ...
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  • VBFileMaster.rarfile comaprison and file watcher tool
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  • VBGetPixel_DeskTop.zipGet pixel color from windows desktop with mouse
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  • OthersCHAP06.rarOnline office system. . Can be convenient for doing business online. . Very conv ...
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  • ASP/ASPXHA.rara combination of web service with the visual.net
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  • PL/SQLCHAP04.rarOnline examination system. . Can realize a variety of convenient functions. . Ca ...
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  • PDFAD_DotNet_eBook.zipThis is the. Net framework db2 how to develop a pdf document, it is targeted, wh ...
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  • OthersWebCast20090623_VideThe use of encryption technology to increase the security of Windows Mobile appl ...
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  • OthersWebCast20060214pm_Viwindowsmobile Video Control explained
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  • ASP/ASPXChePiaoGuanLi(Asp.neThis is achieved using a simple ASP.net ticket booking system, for the beginner ...
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