• [Visual C++] BeautyParlorSystem.rarOn the database management system design, simple interface, easy operation, in l ...
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  • [Visual C++] mysqlget.zipMysql access to information for the tool is the first version
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  • [Unix_Linux] MySQL5_manual.rarMySQL 5 up-to-date manuals, in English, suitable for deeper understanding of MyS ...
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  • [SQL] mysql-database-improvement.rar MySQL big attack, a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the now widely ...
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  • [Java] jabberd.rarjabberd server configuration, mysql+ jabberd server-side configuration process
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  • [C/C++] mysqlbb.zipVirtools link for the source code of mysql data
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  • [Visual C++] mod_auth_mysql.c.gzmysql certification
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  • [Java] JDK+TOMCAT+MYSQL.rarGraphic installation JDK+ TOMCAT+ MYSQL configuration article
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  • [SQL] mysql.rarmysql manual in both English and Chinese, want to learn mysql friend ah not miss ...
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  • [SQL] MySQL.rarChinese mysql reference manual, more comprehensive, chm version
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  • [Visual C++] mysql.rarMain Introduction mysql trigger syntax, semantics, and examples of usage.
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  • [Visual Basic] 20075219384666072.rar
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  • [Visual C++] xw.rar
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  • [Java] mysqlPage.rarPaging, mysql, reusable, and have various forms of
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  • [Java] P53_Login.rarstruts and data link integration application of the original pool code
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