• [Java] HuaWeimmsAPIandmanual.rarThis document describes how to use the Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. VAS SDK mak ...
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  • [Java] MMSCenter.rarmms MMS gateway reference Unicom, move for mm7, api can be downloaded online, an ...
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  • [Java] MMS_Java_Library.zipNokia's announcement of a java MMS development libraries, TX MMS.
    Upload User: xxxjjx Upload Date: 2010-04-14 File Size: 378k Downloads: 206
  • [Unix_Linux] mbuni-1.0.0.tar.gzC Language Center MMS open source code, the underlying library use Kannel
    Upload User: szjlzq8 Upload Date: 2010-03-27 File Size: 896k Downloads: 144
  • [Visual C++] Symbiancolorfulcharacters.Raron Symbian, I do example. Yes colorful characters example, for your reference.
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  • [C/C++] SMAF3.06e.rarThis is provided by the ring tone format MMF detailed description applies to MA- ...
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  • [Java] JavaMMS.zipMMS development API for learning and the use of
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  • [Java] guangzhou.zipThis is my personal work, we can support. Mass.
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  • [Java] CMCCMMS.rarintroduced MMS business development
    Upload User: zhongcr39 Upload Date: 2009-12-05 File Size: 297k Downloads: 391
  • [Others] ISAG-MMS1_RC1_V1.0.1.p.rarISAG agreement Telecom MMS volumes, a detailed description of the China Telecom ...
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  • [Visual Basic] vbsendmms.rarA visual basic 6.0 via gprs modem to send MMS
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  • [Visual C++] csharpsendmms.rarC# via gprs modem to send MMS, in vs2005 to debug through the
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  • [C/C++] AsfRecorder.rarasf audio stream to record the source code to support the mms protocol
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  • [Java] mm7api153.raragreement API source code, related to the sp MMS use
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  • [Java] PaintMobile.zipused to prepare the mapping procedures phone pictures
    Upload User: chenglizl Upload Date: 2009-05-24 File Size: 78k Downloads: 32