• [Java] hw.zipHuawei MMS api
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  • [TEXT] mms.rariiiii
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  • [Visual C++] MMS_Notification.rarMMS notification is sent through the SMS, this article is the complete MMS notif ...
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  • [C/C++] OMA-AD-MMS-V1_3-20080128-C.raroma mms architecture
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  • [C++ Builder] EtesnMMSOcx.rar1, run MMSOcxSetup.EXE document and control the installation of the control regi ...
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  • [Java] bjcm-mms.rarChina Mobile Beijing MMS Gateway Corporate Development Manual version: V1.0.6
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  • [Windows_Unix] 800.rarTR-800 MMS module ENGLISH AT instruction set (detailed notes)
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  • [Java] supermms_cp.rarMobile MMS management platform, but also mobile MMS interface, this rush of inte ...
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  • [C/C++] Mms.zipMMS sender in Windows
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  • [Visual C++] EMMSOcx.rarUsed for rapid development of MMS MMS control, the use of VC instrument, the way ...
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  • [WORD] MMC_develop.rarChina Unicom to develop standardized MMC, MMS users to develop suitable referenc ...
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  • [PDF] How_To_Create_MMS_Services_v4_0_en2.rarNokia mobile phone as an example to introduce the format of multimedia informati ...
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  • [Java] mms7.rarmms7
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  • [C/C++] OK.mms.zipCan send the success of MMS message files, use program to open this document, ad ...
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  • [Java] chinaMobleSms(JAVA).rarimplements chinaMobile mms,the rar file include document and source code for thi ...
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