• [Visual C++] ACITVEX.rarabout vc++ programming ACITVEX control cases, as well as the use of register
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  • [Visual C++] mico-2.3.12.zipCCM component model to support open-source middleware-mico, a good product
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  • [Visual C++] Haar_Face_Detection_OpenCV_Sectic_102008.zipface detection OpenCV
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  • [C/C++] c_base.rarC implementation of PL/0 compiler, the program achieve lexical analysis, grammar ...
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  • [Visual C++] GridCtrl.rarVery complete GridControl, able to form a database to display data for a wide ra ...
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  • [Visual Basic] Vb6.0ICCard.rarIC card secondary development of the d3-u loom
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  • [Visual Basic] CRC_Calculation_For_Modbus.zipphuc tap qua cac ban a
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  • [Visual Basic] modbus_perl_rtu.zipminh hoa code modbus s7200 va vb
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  • [Visual Basic] mbus.ziphere, modbus source code in visual basic
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  • [Visual C++] mico-2.3.13.zipcorba subsys enviroment general
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  • [Others] sound.rarsony ericsson sound driver
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  • [Pascal] XPMenu.rarApplication Program Interface realize XP, and was the preferred aesthetic
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  • [C/C++] SIN_AM.rarProduce an amplitude modulation signal DSP practical procedures used by DSP for ...
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  • [Visual C++] 5.rarconnect
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  • [VHDL] FlashROMprogramingexample.rarIntel Flash chip i28f160,i28f320 programing
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