• [Visual C++] comsamp.zipmiddle
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  • [Others] STCortex.rarChinese stm-cotexm3 core information Wuhan Liyuan July 2007
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  • [Visual C++] ZHongjie.rarTurn NFA to DFA
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  • [Objective-C] 55corbacszn.rarCourse of the Chinese version of CORBA. Very classic. ~! ! ! ! !
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  • [Visual C++] bushound_debug.rarA super-good USB debugging tool, it can monitor all USB or serial data communica ...
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  • [Visual Basic] VBtushuguanli.rarLibrary management system designed for free VB source graduate thesis
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  • [Visual Basic] VBqiyegongzi.rarVB undergraduate business management system of free wage Graduation Project
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  • [Visual Basic] MCGSsoftwareconfigurationofnetworkequipmenthardwarMCGS software configuration of network equipment hardware drivers, including net ...
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  • [Visual Basic] MCGSconfigurationsoftwaregenericgenerichardwaredevMCGS configuration software generic generic hardware device drivers for common d ...
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  • [VHDL] decoder3to8.rarSimple decoder 38, a more simple and clear statement. Learning for your referenc ...
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  • [C/C++] 8279c.rar8279 so the clock program C language source code, used as a clock source.
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  • [Visual C++] hahuman.rarShannon and huffman code by C++
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  • [Matlab] surf2line.rarairline data select
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  • [Visual Basic] GSMforVB.rargsm for vb
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  • [Delphi] ic-card.rarSource code of IC Card include 64k,128k,256k...
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