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  • [Visual Basic] [_HMS_]_Cr186163362005.rarHospital Management System abroad. Based on Crystal Reports. Crystal Hospital Ma ...
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  • [matlab] simon_two_stage.rarClinical medicine test: Simon s Two stage Design
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  • [matlab] genhan_two_stage.rarClinical medicine test: Gehan s Two Stage Design
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  • [matlab] bcr.rarClinical medicine test the generated random number (Biased Coin Randomization)
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  • [matlab] psp.rarClinical trials, the selection of random numbers (The Pocock-Simon Procedure)
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  • [matlab] pbl.rarPermuted Block Randomization medicine clinical trials of the random numbers gene ...
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  • [Visual Basic] a308.rara308.rara308 Hospital Management System- RAR compressed file, unpacked size 8,74 ...
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  • [Visual C++] hospital.rarHospital Management System Hospital Management System
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  • [Visual Basic] wpscgl.rarPharmaceutical production management, design automation vb+ SQL2
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  • [matlab] 2005101021140557.rarsignal autocovariance
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  • [Visual C++] 00.rarIn a clinic in the system, data such as query and delete operations.
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  • [DOS] Hospital_Manager( sutio C#. Net development, that reference, to give advice. In this develo ...
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  • [PowerBuilder] mzfz.rarOut-patient triage systems, useful in the hospital because the hospital out-pati ...
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  • [PowerBuilder] mzym.rarHospital out-patient management of source code, and now more than Shenzhen hospi ...
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  • [Visual C++] FirstPDF.rarVC++ Realize pdf generation, it is a PDFlib.lib document, the effect is very obv ...
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