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  • [Java] DCS.rarDistributed computing system clock shows that the figures do show that there sim ...
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  • [Others] Distributed_Algorithms.rarEnglish version distributed algorithm can not find a good book can only see the ...
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  • [Unix_Linux] taskcenter.rarwritten in python distributed processing system can be defined arbitrary distrib ...
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  • [HTML/CSS] kobe.rarBefore making a personal website, kobe is a theme, you can exchange with other t ...
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  • [Java] security.rarUse Xfire to WS-* specification support made a series of WS-Security example
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  • [Visual Basic] 14.rarAdvanced Network Calculator, Advanced Network Calculator
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  • [Visual Basic] 13.rarCreate a simple Web services application, create a simple Web services applicati ...
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  • [Visual C++] testcom.rarCode debugging, serial communication function of-way will be packaged as DLL lib ...
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  • [matlab] SGAPublic.rarSGA based on the matlab source, function less, but as a comparison algorithm can ...
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  • [Visual C++] notpoufen.rarMesh generation, non-uniform subdivision
    Upload User: wangqiang Upload Date: 2015-05-06 File Size: 72k Downloads: 23
  • [Visual C++] poufen.rarMesh Generation,
    Upload User: jhgyled Upload Date: 2015-05-06 File Size: 75k Downloads: 36
  • [PDF] IEEE802.16Mesh.rarAbstracts (This article first introduced the 802.16 Mesh mode MAC frame structur ...
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  • [Visual C++] traffic.msh.rarDistributed Simulation of MAC layer scheduling needs NS simulation software
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  • [Others] guoneifangzhenjishu.rarIn recent years on the simulation aspects of the literature analysis, summarized ...
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  • [matlab] 6.rarmatlab for studies of error detection techniques in data communications
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