• [matlab] dijkstra.rarfind the shortest road
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  • [Visual C++] fractal_example.rarFractal terrain generation and simulation, can be used to study the fractal stru ...
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  • [matlab] fractalmatlab.rarfractal sample code and picture
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  • [Visual C++] ChapterTwo.rarSun Bo Wen--fractal algorithm Chapter Two source code
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  • [IDL] bell.zipRinging in the IDL function under implementation
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  • [Visual Basic] 1.rarIn the Visual Basic development environment, the use of fractal theory, achieve ...
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  • [Borland C++] fgen.rarfractal generator. program draw on a screen one of the most simole fractal.
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  • [Fortran] quad_mesh.rarQuadrilateral mesh generation algorithm, you can look good in my opinion!
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  • [Fortran] geompack.rarFrom scattered points to build a triangle, line speed
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  • [C++ Builder] 2_16.rarRecursive fractal tree formation, the use of recursive algorithm to generate bif ...
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  • [C++ Builder] 2_13.rarFractal tree recursive algorithm. The use of recursive algorithm to generate bif ...
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  • [C++ Builder] 2_11.rarC curve of recursive algorithm. The algorithm are C curve generation process, th ...
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  • [Visual C++] fractalanimationpractice.rarSeveral fractal animation, including 1. Fractal tree swing, 2. The growth of Sie ...
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  • [Visual C++] fractal.rarSeveral fractal animation practices, including the fractal tree, and so on Kalei ...
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  • [Java] GifEncoder.rardevelopment of dynamically generated GIF image
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