• [DOS] psot.rarIs a detailed introduction of the particle swarm algorithm PSOT Application Tool ...
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  • [Visual C++] c++.rar
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  • [Others] VoronoiDiagrams.rarVoronoi Diagrams 1Partially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, g ...
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  • [Others] DigitalImageProcessing.rarDigital image processing based on the theory of English Restoration and Enhancem ...
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  • [Others] morphppt.rarMathematical Morphology in Image Processing Lecture 3 versions
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  • [Visual C++] SegmentationofOverlappingChromosomeImagesUsingCompChromosome Segmentation classic literature, Key words: Image segmentation, chrom ...
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  • [Windows_Unix] pecoff_v81_chs.rar
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  • [Windows_Unix] HX8238-A_DS_preliminary_v03_070903.rarInstance, stamp TFT_LCD256k Kabuki 驱 hung IC defect cavity collapse She Article ...
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  • [Others] DOA.rarThe main contents of two Master
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  • [C/C++] END.rarEND driver to prepare an overview of pdf files to share
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  • [Visual C++] ql100.rarTama electric car anti-theft program trailer voice decoder 2240
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  • [Java] DataStructure.rarDataStructure I feel good ~ ~ time to share to everyone to see ~
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  • [Others] GT3200.rarGT3200 is a very useful USB chip. Hope to USB Development Engineer useful.
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  • [C/C++] LCDTS12864-3.rarLCD TS12864-3 a number of drivers. Can display Chinese.
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