• Matlab1_mmc_inf.rarSimulation model of a single server queue
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  • Othersgiveio.rars2240 buy the board with the driver in a vb with less plug-ins, the whole compar ...
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  • Visual C++Voice CommunicationOverseas pronunciation Modem source code. Is suitable to the development pronunc ...
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  • Visual C++PhonePrjInfo.zipMCU integrity procedures cordless phone from Samsung internal information for re ...
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  • Visual C++IVFXBoardUnit.rarthe fax board-based source, including a source cpp
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  • VBmodem2000.zipmain right WIN2000 fax cats monitoring, the state is going to busy, busy at stat ...
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  • Visual C++PhoneRec.zipVC++ development of a telephone recording processes, it was to use, but not very ...
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  • VBAGE36XXsample.rarAGILENT E36XX VB code examples of the original phone tester control of the origi ...
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  • VBFAXSAMPLE.raruse existing interface simple fax capabilities
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  • Visual C++faxengine-1.0.3.zipfax engine fax relay fax engine open source software projects using high-quality ...
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  • C++FaxDemo.zipfax demonstration system (hardware board support required)
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  • Delphijitefax.rartest case, no password
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  • VBFaxZip.zipuse Outlook/Microsoft sent by fax.
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  • C++tiff-3.7.1.zipvery detailed procedures fax codec can be used directly change
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  • C++pics-3.7.1.tar.gzfax programming source
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