• Visual C++MailsenderPro.rarmail procedures, called MAPI mail function.
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  • Borland C++ Buildersmtpauth.rarNmsmtp send a message using the source code with the authentication function
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  • OthersSoftArtisans_POP31.zSoftArtisans is a POP3 used.NET Framework SDK beta2 produced by the agreement of ...
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  • Visual C++MailSender.raragreement through SMTP mail listserv for the use of a multi-threaded mass.
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  • Delphimassmailsystemv1.2.rmass mail system v1.2 need to designate SMTP server. First please use the system ...
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  • VBVB6preparedEMAIL.rarnot extract, a good friend to me on the preparation for the VB Email Programming ...
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  • Visual C++smtp/pop3 clienta simple email sender, can write and send email.
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  • Visual C++BlatJ.rara powerful e-mail client software, it can be annex there is a wide variety of sy ...
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  • JavaMailMonitor-20050913A simple mail monitor program ,when new mail arrive ,prompt amessage window to n ...
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  • Borland C++ Buildermail_prg.zipThis an example of an email program . It uses the SMTP Component. To use, you mu ...
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  • VBSendMail2000lmaillisSend Mail's source code is a good learning more client-learning materials
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  • VBsend mail source coda lot of code for send email.
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  • JavamailJavaMail-1_3_2-sjava mail handling procedures, can send and receive mail, can send and receive A ...
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  • Javajava_socket_smtp.rarbased java and a socket, using Base64 encoded password authentication using the ...
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  • VBmymailsystem.Rarvb use outlook express Email Client
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