• [Visual C++] transmitE-mailbySMTP.rara small procedure, operation after using SMTP Send E-mail
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  • [Visual C++] EasyMailServer.zipmail server can be used for sending and receiving electronic mail, PoP, SMTP mai ...
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  • [Delphi] emailsoufa.rarEmail, e-mail, web mail, mail case
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  • [Java] testsendMail.rarfrom using JAVA mail procedures example, has been tested, I feel pretty good
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  • [Visual C++] pgp50(1).Zipfamous encryption software for e-mail, message encryption and signatures, and ot ...
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  • [Visual Basic] vvvvbbbb.rarbeing developed a mail client, hoping to guide! Vb environment in the hope that ...
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  • [Visual C++] mailsrv.rarmail server source code, which is very simple but complete. We learn together
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  • [Visual C++] AMMimeUtils.zipmail coding, mail can be right for encoding and decoding.
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  • [C/C++] 24LC65I2CEEPROM.rarwangxiaoyong0015@yahoo.com.cn b do not know me fat mail! ! ! Thank you, ah! ! I ...
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  • [C#] GoodDay.zipthis project is used to send mail. Every good day we have to take GOODDAY to sen ...
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  • [C#] POPClass_src.zipThis is a C# download mail prepared by the class, can be applied to the use of s ...
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  • [Java] Email123.rarimportation Email addresses the legitimate input validation Email addresses the ...
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  • [Java] JavaMailWithGUI.rarwith Java GUI mail client program, function, procedure is not very complex, for ...
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  • [Java] email_get_and_send.rarThis is what I do a transceiver mail software, which can send and receive multip ...
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  • [JavaScript] fujianemail.rarwith this Annex mail. Code detailed in the Notes
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