• [PDF] 01312949_HighMobilityTimeSync.rarTiming Synchronization in High Mobility OFDM Systems.IEEE Journal
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  • [Others] NetworkvideomonitoringsystembasedonARM9.rarThe group thesis of embedded systems described in detail the latest research adv ...
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  • [PDF] OA.rarOffice automation systems analysis and application, analysis oa development pros ...
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  • [Visual Basic] VB.rarVB digest the essence of CHM version, very practical things. . . There is a need ...
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  • [Visual C++] MachineVisiondevelopmenttrend.rarMachine Vision of the status quo and development trend of Machine Vision of the ...
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  • [Visual Basic] C.rarU.S. learning to be helpful, it is recommended to look good. Hope that helps.
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  • [Others] QoSfor802.11WLAN.rarWLAN 802.11e QoS English version of document analysis
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  • [MultiPlatform] Multiplealignment.rarMultiple alignment using hidden Markov models
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  • [Visual C++] MSthesis_YangZhengyu.rarZhejiang University doctoral thesis, put forward a neighborhood-based center of ...
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  • [PDF] wavelet.rarOn wavelet video compression in the three important aspects of literature, is th ...
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  • [PDF] motion_vectors.rarMotion estimation algorithm on a number of important articles, in particular, ar ...
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  • [PDF] ofdm.rarOn the basic principles of OFDM systems to do a detailed introduction by a numbe ...
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