• [PDF] Effecient_Histogram_Generation_Using_Scattering_othis doc describe an Effecient Histogram Generation Using Scattering on GPUs
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  • [PDF] Baseball_Playfield_Segmentation_Using_Adaptive_Gaa document about "Baseball Playfield Segmentation Using Adaptive Gaussian Mixtur ...
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  • [matlab] bssimage.rarthis is a matlab code for blind source separation using independent component an ...
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  • [C/C++] opnet_p2p.raradf
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  • [PDF] AVSDK_265.rarAV SDK Interface and Usage Description Rev 2.6.5
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  • [Others] chengxuyuan.rar[Video Guide programmer exam] _ basic hardware binary code. Rar
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  • [Others] 12VFlourescentLampInverter.rar12 v cfl lamp drawing
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  • [matlab] daolibai.rarIn Shenzhen high-tech equipment solid platform implementation of the experimenta ...
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  • [Windows_Unix] StopFireFoxUrlHistory.zipThis document describes how to change Mozilla FireFox browser so that it does no ...
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  • [Java] Jasperreport_and_iReport_guide.rarDocument describes the current statements of the use of commonly used systems, t ...
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  • [Java] or-3.0-admin-guide.rarThis document is OpenReports site or-3.0-admin-guide.pdf document translation, i ...
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  • [PDF] pll_verilog.rarverilog model of a PLL
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  • [PDF] 2006_DiscreteWaveletTransform.rarDWT in matlab platform
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  • [MultiPlatform] TotalindexedChineseJournals.rar2008 domestic Chinese journals Indexed by SCI, SCI papers intending to vote in t ...
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  • [PPT] comparison.rarcomparison of iris and face detection
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