• Visual C++embeddedxmlparser.raembedded xml packaging and parsing source code can be put on the BREW platform, ...
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  • C++myiweb.rarBREW procedures: BREW on your phone
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  • C++myfile.rarBREW procedures: BREW mobile phones in the document operational procedures
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  • C++addrbookruim.rarBREW procedures: on the SIM/UIM card to operate the telephone address
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  • C++C-XMLCode_BREW.rarAnalysis of brew platform XML and can read and write simple functions
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  • C++Cobject-orientedproghard to Amoy things, specialized speakers use ANSI C language to achieve OOP pro ...
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  • Visual C++WirelessGameDevelopma briefing on the BREW platform C language program developed by professional boo ...
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  • C++starting_brew.rarbrew initial development, development of the initial reference, QUALCOMM technic ...
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  • Visual C++shotgame.rarone is very suitable for beginners shooting game, a very simple structure, from ...
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  • Visual C++Chapter10.rarnetsocket-- in-depth study BREW mobile game development Chapter10
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  • Visual C++Chapter12.rar"in-depth BREW# 61650 phone game development" CD cases Appendix 2-- Chapter12.ra ...
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  • Visual C++BREW to develop - HiBREW-depth study of the development of mobile game developers----王洪ä ...
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  • Visual C++bitmapimagesintomemobitmap images into memory, then the examples show
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  • Visual C++ExpenseTracker.rarExpenseTracker personal account management book Thank you watch income support e ...
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  • Visual C++Qualcommsiteofapositbrew is done on the original code, and better ion, is suitable for beginners wit ...
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