• [Fortran] wavelet.rarThis procedure Fortran language used for the formation of Lake wavelet to seg.y ...
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  • [Asm] xp.rarsome picture
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  • [Visual C++] The_Speex_Codec_Manual_Version_1.2_Beta_3.rarSpeex is a free software speech codec that may be used on VoIP applications and ...
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  • [Matlab] helix.rarMATLAB,Helix
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  • [Asm] mld_from_m68k_asm.zipsample core to generate mld audio files from m68k asm sources. mld format is a r ...
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  • [Unix_Linux] AudioConferencing.zipreport on audio conferencing
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  • [Visual C++] G7231_dll.rarG723 dll,audio codec,ACELP/MP-MLQ,5.3/6.3kb/s
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  • [Visual C++] smooth_curve.zipproduce smooth parameter for audio signal synthesis
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  • [C/C++] sound.zipThis example demonstrates how to use the various Symbian OS audio utility classe ...
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  • [Visual C++] omx_il_v1_1_headers.zipOpen MAX source code interface layer introduction
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  • [Matlab] cepstrum.rarshows the cepstrum, uses asound file (you must record it, record saying A and th ...
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  • [Visual C++] Waveletdecomposition.zipThis routine performs a 1-D Periodic Orthogonal Wavelet decomposition. It also p ...
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  • [Visual Basic] 3dwave.rarwater
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  • [Visual C++] WaveEcho.zipwave caputre/wave play wave echo sample source
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  • [Visual C++] seawave.rard3d9+vs 2003 seawave
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