• [WORD] 3GPP-standard.rar3GPP business standards 3GPP TR 23.910 V5.5.0 (2005-03) TS23.172TS23.246TS25.346
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  • [Others] PART7-AHDL.raraltera on the hardcopy information PPT format Part 7
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  • [Others] socket-gprs.rarSOCKET of GPRS-based communication program, the use of expansion in 8051 MCS
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  • [C/C++] CFpPch.rarDoes 3G software development can refer mainly to the Decode process PCH
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  • [PPT] 3G-(Anticaglia).Raron 3G technology in the note, Chinese and Italian collection, the super practica ...
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  • [C/C++] MpZBeeV1.0-3.8.zipagreement zigbee wireless protocol stack source, SCM and PHY layer of wireless t ...
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  • [C/C++] st7_i2cslave.rarst7 microcontroller on the slave mode I2C bus design of the source, use ST7 MCU ...
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  • [matlab] WalshCode.rar3G communications in the walsh code generation and the role of the demonstration ...
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  • [Others] 3Gjichu.rar.rar3g introductory documents, can see quite well, oh, and basic knowledge!
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  • [PDF] vdc_IPMultimediaSystemsIMSforwirelineandwirelessIPMultimediaSystemsIMS 3G technology and market analysis
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  • [PDF] berginsight_UMTSandHSDPAmobilecomputing060101.ra3G UMTS and HSDPA high-speed data network, mobile computing technology and marke ...
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  • [matlab] conv_encoder.rarLTE downlink of the OFDM encoding convolution
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  • [Others] 3Gzhishi[1].Raris a knowledge of the introduction of 3G in hopes of helping others!
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  • [PDF] mb-UWB1.raron MB-OFDM article in English, we hope to help
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  • [matlab] 3GPPjiaozhi.rar3Gpp 25.212 intertwined depth interleaver 1,024 firms conducted between experts ...
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