• C++myitapi.rarBREW procedures: In the phone call through TAPI procedures
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  • C++myilicense.rarBREW procedures: BREW mobile phones in the license permits read and write protec ...
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  • C++myimage.rarBREW procedures: MyImage, BREW phone picture operating procedures
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  • Visual C++3GPP_interleaver.rar3GPP standards-based 3GPP interleaver generation process, used to generate the 3 ...
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  • C++songs.rarThis is a new platform in sending too much flow, so people can refer to the sp, ...
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  • OthersXSniffer.rarWireless sensor networks wireless capture tool. Sniffer can monitor 802.15.4 wir ...
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  • MatlabINT3e_Matlab_code.zimat lab code for OFDMA PHY
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  • MatlabORIG.rarmatlab code for mc-cdma in raylegh fading channel
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  • MatlabsimulinkOfdmBPSK.rarBpsk of ofdm using simulink completion of the simulation!
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  • OthersGPRS.zipGPRS network structure and network element GPRS network interface and protocol G ...
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  • Visual C++simple-zigbee.rarsimple the zigbee protocol stack code, including all levels of the source code, ...
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  • Matlab3gppscm.rar3gpp channel model, which with a pdf documentation
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  • MatlabdopplerQPSK.rarDoppler causes of the decline of the discrete multipath channel QPSK signals tra ...
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  • MatlabCISQPSK.rarUsing importance sampling method to replace the Monte Carlo simulation method to ...
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  • MatlabFTselective.rarParameters of time-varying channel frequency selectivity and time-variant. BPSK ...
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