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Category: Communication
Development Platform: C++ Builder
Detail: C++ Builder visit the USB port method
  • I2CBUSOperation.zipI2C bus driver to operate various types of code, C, ASM, byte mode method
  • TypeATypeBReader.zipISO14443 and TypeA the TypeB PC literacy program
  • com_code.rarUsing Visual C++ for serial programming source code, very small
  • FormTitleAdnPID.rarA Liezi, search the title and the process of form
  • SerialPortVxD.rarImplementation of the serial data capture, Vc++ compiler environment through
  • SCOMMV23.rarSerial debugging assistants source, serial transceiver implementation, hexadecim ...
  • MailGenie1032src.zipThis is a preview e-mail software, you can preview the letter before collection ...
  • OFDM11.rarofdm
  • CanTest.rarProject examples and colleagues prepared a large number of applications to the C ...
  • 232_Test.rarTwo PC through the serial port 232 to communicate
  • ns-allinone-2.33.tar.gzns2.33 This is relatively new ns2 version, welcome to download
  • zkemsdk.zipwww.zksoftware.com SDK
  • VC++USB.rarVC++ Programming environment under the USB programming (receiving and sending da ...
  • serialport.zipMFC class for serial communication
  • ports.zipSerial access in Win95
  • FreeModBus.rarmodbus connection to the routines, very good, we will look at
  • ffmpeg_sdk.rarprovide the most comprehensive audio, video encoding and decoding library, inclu ...
  • vc_gprs.rargprs wireless module acceptance procedure, the use of VC and achieve acceptable ...
  • BlueToothExc_Plus.rarMany netizens said that a letter from the reaction before the release of source ...
  • reed-solomon-3.1.1.rarRS reed-solomon error correction coding and decoding source, very convenient, I ...