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Category: Graph program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: Beizer curve, with VC++ Programming, you can debug you give it a try
  • realTimeRecord.rar实时的采集图像,并且对图像进行分析输出、边缘检测等
  • hough.rarhough transform: Using vc++ programming of parallel detection of linear image,
  • hsic.rarGas water heater humanoid intelligent algorithm literature some valuable papers
  • examples.rarimage processing
  • digital_watermark.rardigital watermark arithmetic
  • 123.rarmatlab image input, the histogram will help beginners understand the MATLAB
  • matlabtuxiangpj.rarUsing MATLAB to achieve the image mosaic program
  • xiaobobianhuan.rarBased on Wavelet Transform applet image mosaic. . Only support 256-color images
  • gamma_half.rarImage segmentation can be done
  • show.rarWhich contains more than 10 image processing procedures, to meet the needs of a ...