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Upload Date: 2008-04-20
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Category: Symbian
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: Is an example that shows how to create one aplication with auto-start in Symbian S60 3rd edition FP2.
  • Runtime_bus_chinese.rarThis article is a
  • DDTrain_S60V2.rarSYMBIAN S60 2ND Train Timetable software, including station information, station ...
  • string.rarsymbian in the string processing and simple applications
  • getUIDOCAPP.rardoc, ui, container, view pointer access method
  • pizizh.rarThe realization of an image switching effect, including fly into flying out of t ...
  • fring91.rarSymbian9.1 S60v3 version of MSN/ICQ/GoogleTalk software
  • SmsSocket.zipBackground send text messages, SMS monitoring
  • 2_LabelEx.rarsymbian custom control development, to achieve the written scroll, especially su ...
  • SymbianDatabaseExample.rarSymbian S60 series of examples of database
  • Symbianos.rarExample_XXX for the content of each chapter, introduced by the source code file ...