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Upload Date: 2013-01-31
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Category: 2D Graphic
Development Platform: Borland C++
Detail: this region can filter too small or too large blocks, it will not show up filter can be used for other purposes, clumpping
  • picturefixer.zipImage inpainting the C language source code, used to repair damaged images.
  • 218625314920061162310534523974.zipJapanese made on QRcode encoding and decoding procedures, the use of java progra ...
  • PoissonMerging.rarCutout figures implement siggraphpoisson matting core code
  • QRcode.zipQR code encoding (encode) the source code vc, U.S. exchanges more exchanges
  • ex4.rarThis is a set up and transparent picture of the VC stack code
  • xtxzyry.rarImage point computing (anti-color images, threshold transform, gray balance, etc ...
  • Oscillosco265439162001.zipOscilloscope sound card to the microphone input to do shows in the business curr ...
  • xapp904_code.zipLCD control devices, Writen in vhdl, based on xilinx
  • bmp2jpeg.rarBmp file and realize jpg file conversion, has the interface. .
  • 1.rarUnderstanding of 24 BMP images related to the structure, it is necessary for 24 ...