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Upload Date: 2013-01-31
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Category: 2D Graphic
Development Platform: Borland C++
Detail: this region can filter too small or too large blocks, it will not show up filter can be used for other purposes, clumpping
  • Java2D.rardevelopment for 2-d graphics for java programming
  • CHESSFINAL.rarDescription: It is chess. Two players can play it. we can play it using Keyboard ...
  • qt-example1.zipqt example,for image editor
  • 0.rarsimulation of leakage
  • 00.rarleakage program
  • 00000.zipsimulation of leakage
  • vbcode.rarprocedure MouseDown, bezier curve drawing program, B-spline curve drawing proced ...
  • Multi-Thresholding.rarYou can use this program to choice how many threshold you need , and you can use ...
  • SourceCode.rarTransparent form
  • ShowReport.rarA graphical drawing interface, at the same time can show the coordinates of the ...