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Category: OS Develop
Development Platform: DOS
Detail: DOS operating system source code
  • GenerateTable.zipEasy process to produce Sqrt, sine, and cosine tables, easy to read
  • Driver_calling.rarDriver_calling
  • J-Link.rarembeded beihang
  • vbsql.rarvb+ sql student management system, a few simple functions, it should be good eno ...
  • lastzhiling.rarLast orders, a detailed code, copying the operating system ... ...
  • Progress.rarExperimental operating system courses, process management, using c language to d ...
  • Vmm.rar#ifndef __DEF_VMM_H__ #define __DEF_VMM_H__ //! Magic number to identify a memo ...
  • caozuoxitong.zipa small os for learning
  • link.rarDebugging operating system technology
  • IFS.zipOperating System Experiment: Simulate file operations for the two-level director ...