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Upload Date: 2013-05-01
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Category: Com Port
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: vc 6.0 development, through this dynamic link library sent to the serial order information. Serial procedures for the development, very useful.
  • txmit.rarSend asynchronous serial module, 8 data bits, one bit a the end of the start bit
  • SCommTest.rarMSCOMM based on the serial communication DIALOG, serial port parameters can be s ...
  • 32BIT.rar98 environment to read and write the computer parallel port, serial port of the ...
  • 264074SMSBYCOM.rarThis is a serial tool, you can debug serial port is very good
  • 3serialportcommunicationsource.rar3 serial port communication source, the main application and DSP and CPLD, inter ...
  • uart.rarADUC834 Serial Communication C code, the serial debug test possible assistant.
  • WindowsApplication1.rarc sharp code test
  • VCComPortprogram.rarHow to design the ComPort program.
  • MFC.rarUse serial programming mscom Wizard source code, very easy to use good things
  • FAInsComSerV.rarMSCOMM control in a dynamic way the Treasury serial communications, serial commu ...