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Category: SQL Server
Development Platform: SQL
Detail: do database of curriculum design students, and can be downloaded as a reference! A good database system comes up, do not forget that even the database!
  • Database.rarSeveral very good one for your SQL file sharing, feel good on the next
  • BackUpDB071221.rarSQLDMO do with SQL database backup, restore, database controls, including full b ...
  • SQLServerMobile2005.rarSQLce2005 the development of technical documentation in English. Chm format.
  • SQLiteDBclass.rarsqlite a good library
  • SQLServer.rarVFP prepared using SQLServer database manager
  • EVEREST.zipSQL Server 2005 on Native XML Web services support
  • GeneralFrame.rarpowerbuilder sqlserver2000 developed a universal platform. A complete descript ...
  • KFGL.rarA simple room management database system, the background to use SQL Sever 2000, ...
  • car_sell.rarA simple car sales management database system, database for the sql sever 2000, ...
  • liberary.rarThis is not VB+ SQLSERVER2000 development.