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Upload Date: 2007-10-27
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Category: midi program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: I machine game program using a variety of search algorithms. And with the main category of the program description. This procedure also has悔棋, restore function, but also take the law can be recorded.
  • MIDI.zipMIDI Processing Source code
  • player.rarThis is a used to play AVI s with the production of a simple AVI file VC player
  • wave.rarskfjkdsjhfouhckjsduhk ks
  • MidiPlayer.rarPlayer to produce a MIDI interface, or at least to include a process and the tim ...
  • piano.rarVisual basic with the development of organ midi, analog electric piano keys, abl ...
  • MIDI2.rarMIDI file format of introduction, as well as a detailed analysis of
  • pianovb.rarProgram in vb than simulates a piano
  • MIDI.rarThemselves on the basis of a book to do the mid junior players, relatively simpl ...
  • MIDI.rarA MIDI player, very good.
  • midi_drum.ZIPVB drum machine sequencer (26KB) very easy to use, have been tested.
  • midi2.zipSome codes of midi programming
  • SwitchTB.zipSwitching different toolbar between MDI child window
  • Ovalmultimediaplayerssourcecode.RarVB multimedia players, from the Internet to search, what you will, I want to set ...
  • MIDI Utility Source Packagethis file collects many Sources about MIDI Utility such as MIDI File Format ,MID ...
  • midi2txt.rarMIDI 2 txt source code, but the code is not complete. If any one find the h perf ...
  • readmidi.rarto standard MIDI parse, parse the head track and meta-analytic, sysex. midi news
  • midiplayer.rarmidi music player, using java applets in the applet realize the
  • 10_11.rarQuery by Humming in 10 song music library to retrieve songs by humming
  • readmidifile.rarReading midi document, and be able to extract the midi paper notes, and extracte ...
  • Standard MIDI File Format.rarStandard MIDI file format, by Dustin Caldwell. Attachment is source code of deco ...